When you’ve spent countless hours designing, marketing, and selling your products, you want to make sure you get proper credit. You want customers to recognize your brand, and more importantly, to associate your brand with high quality.

With so much at stake, labeling your product with the right sticker becomes an important decision. And if you’re looking for the best option, domed label stickers are a great choice.

You may not even realize it, but you’re probably exposed to domed label stickers at various points throughout the day. These labels have a three-dimensional, domed appearance because of a strong, clear coating. Some so high-quality that you may not even realize you’re looking at a sticker.

Why Domed Label Stickers Are the Best Choice

Domed label stickers are the best sticker option for more than one reason. Here’s why they are consistently the most popular choice:

  • They are self-healing. This may sound to good to be true, but it’s not. The polyurethane coating makes it virtually impossible to be scratched and cut. If the material is dinged, it will simply reform to its original shape.
  • They have a high-quality appeal. The fact that domed label stickers can self-heal is a huge factor when considering their appeal. But the clear coating also forms a glossy, three-dimensional look that jumps out at consumers, making them feel even more high-end.
  • They can withstand weathering. In addition to self-healing, the special coating can withstand different temperatures. This makes them ideal for outdoor products and takes away any worry for products that need to be shipped over long distances.

How Domed Label Stickers are Made

When you go with a reputable company that has the right equipment and supplies, domed label stickers are easy to get. For the most part, the domed label can be added to any sticker design of your choice. When the sticker is ready, the polyurethane coating is added on top of the label. The material’s surface area is strong enough that when it reaches the end of the sticker, it stops on its own, forming a dome. Once properly cured, the domed sticker is ready for use!

Domed Label Stickers vs. Other Stickers

When compared to regular stickers, domed label stickers almost always win out. They have a specialized, high-end appeal, they are weather-resistant, and they are extremely durable. Regular stickers, while not as strong, may be a better option for disposable uses or purposes that don’t impact the consumers’ purchase decisions.

Domed label stickers are a phenomenon that completely changes the appeal and use of stickers. In many cases, the quality becomes so high that the sticker is indistinguishable from the product it is part of, whether that is a phone, computer, or luxury vehicle. More importantly, domed label stickers are built to last, which means your branding can now withstand the test of time.