Finding the best way to spread your message is at the heart of every marketing campaign. How can you reach more customers? How can you get them to listen? How can you afford to compete with the biggest players?

Stickers provide answers to all of these questions. It’s no surprise that they’re one of the best marketing tools you can invest in. They’re cost-effective, versatile, reliable, and predictable. When it comes to spreading your message, they’re one of the best marketing methods to use. 

So if you want to make the most of your marketing campaigns, try out some of these ways to spread your message with stickers.

Give Free Stickers to Loyal Customers

There is no better way to spread your message than through loyal customers. They already support your company and mission. When you provide them with stickers, it enables them to take word-of-mouth a step further. They’re not only talking about you, they’re displaying your logo and message wherever they go.

Use Stickers in a Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

Guerrilla marketing campaigns provide an opportunity to showcase creativity to new customers. Stickers are one of the best tools to use with these campaigns, not only because of their cost-effectiveness, but also because of their versatility. The possibilities are endless.

Go Wild on Packaging

Just because an order has already been placed doesn’t mean you should stop marketing your products. Utilizing packaging is a unique way to spread your message even further. Stickers elevate your customers’ experience, maximizing your chances that they’ll continue to talk about you by word-of-mouth.

Include Stickers With Purchases

When someone purchases one of your products, they’re already excited and hopeful about what their experience will be, so it’s a great time to provide them with the means of spreading your message even further. Including free stickers with each purchase is a great way to gain exposure through customers that are not only happy, but recent purchasers with valuable feedback.

Sell Stickers as a Product

If you have a powerful message that resonates with a lot of people, there’s no reason you can’t create amazing stickers that can be sold as products. Stickers are a great add-on to other orders. When people feel passionate about a mission or message, they want to spread the word however they can.

When it comes to spreading your message, stickers are one of the best tools to have in your arsenal. Customers love them, they can be used just about anywhere, and they are inexpensive. Most importantly, when you pair them with passion and creativity, they expose you to more customers than you’ve ever imagined.