No matter what market your radio station targets, your goals are the same. This means getting the attention of your biggest fans. You don’t want listeners to just flip through radio stations, you want them to loyally tune into yours.

To do this, you need to get your name out there. You already have their ear, so it’s time to pursue other avenues of reaching new followers. The easiest and most cost-effective way to start doing this is through stickers. Stickers are a great way to increase your station’s visibility, pull in new listeners, and reward those that are already loyal.

Here are all the ways that stickers can grow your radio station’s audience.

Event Advertisements

Whether you are throwing an event or attending one, your goal is to get a lot of people to show up. You already know stickers can turn up in tons of places, so now your job is to take advantage of that opportunity and advertise specific dates and times, as well as your radio station. In addition to that, you can incorporate large-scale stickers that will pack a huge punch.


If you’re trying to draw attention to yourself and pull people in, one thing will always do the trick, free stuff! In this case, stickers work to your advantage by providing a great giveaway that listeners will love. Not only will they leave happy, but you’ll also have created a brand new marketing channel through them.

An Affordable Marketing Tool

One reason above all makes stickers an attractive tool and that is their low cost. Whether it is for marketing, advertising, or new listener acquisition, stickers will have the highest impact for the lowest cost.

Once your radio station has a pool of loyal listeners, it’s time to let them help grow your base. Incorporate stickers into your daily practices through marketing, giveaways, and advertising. They are a sure-fire way to create a win-win situation that will keep your budget low and your engagement high.