If you don’t have a large marketing budget but want to gain exposure for your company, consider a guerrilla marketing campaign. These types of marketing endeavors have a proven track record of success. And best of all, stickers are a low-cost tool for reaching large amounts of people. So as you plan out your next attempt to go viral without spending much, consider these ideas from Stickers International.

Using Stickers For a Marketing Campaign

  • Stickers on vehicles. Cars and trucks have a huge untapped advantage to reach thousands of people anywhere. When you start utilizing vehicles like city buses, subways, or taxis, that exposure grows exponentially. Stickers are ideal for these marketing campaigns because you can create them in a variety of shapes and sizes. Stickers can fill the entire side of a city bus, or they can be small enough to fill a taxi window.
  • Life-size stickers at eye level. One of the best ways to use stickers in a marketing campaign is to create larger stickers where people are bound to see them. Use doors, walls, elevators, or anywhere else that may cause a future customer to do a double-take.
  • Small but impactful stickers. Larger than life stickers are powerful. However, that doesn’t mean small stickers can’t do the same thing. Place small stickers in high traffic areas. Stickers can be worn or placed on cars as bumper stickers. Also consider mirrors, windows, or other surfaces that will easily catch a potential customer’s eye.

For your marketing stickers, visit Stickers International today. They offer a variety of stickers online, and your team can upload and edit their own designs. These stickers can be the new driving force behind your company’s success. When you incorporate stickers into your guerilla marketing campaign, you open a door to unmatched potential for brand exposure and new lifetime customers.