When you have an important message to spread and need to raise awareness for your cause, effective marketing is more important than ever. You want the biggest bang for your buck, which is what makes stickers such an attractive marketing tool. In addition to being cost-effective, stickers can also reach a large number of people. So if you’re looking to raise awareness for your cause, these 3 steps will help get you there.

Step 1: Create an Unforgettable Design or Message

Even the most compelling cause benefits from a catchy or impactful design, message, or image. Just remember to inspire your audience. What is important is that your message is powerful enough to sink in.

One of the biggest benefits of using stickers is that you can invest in a variety of designs to raise awareness for your cause. Depending on the purpose and intended audience, stickers can vary even when they’re part of the same campaign.

Step 2: Using Images in High Traffic Areas

Once you’ve devised an irresistible message, you want to utilize at least one larger-than-life sticker to reach a massive audience. The most classic example of this are stickers that appear on the side of city buses. Wherever the bus goes, people are exposed to the message it carries.

While city buses are tried-and-true methods for succeeding with large stickers, there are dozens of other ways large stickers can be used to raise awareness. The important part is to make sure your sticker appears in a high traffic area where it has the potential to be exposed to the most amount of people.

An added benefit to using large stickers (aside from the exposure) is the one-time cost of a single sticker. When done right, this form of sticker marketing can be the most cost-effective option available.

Step 3: Distribute Stickers to New and Loyal Customers

The third step to raising awareness with stickers is to utilize current supporters to spread your message further. Once you’ve created a catchy and impactful sticker, you can send existing supporters copies of the sticker to use as they see fit. Since you already know these people support your cause, chances are they will display your sticker. In these instances, stickers can be just as impactful (if not more) than word of mouth.

Another opportunity to use stickers is to hand them out during events to new potential supporters. Not only does it spread your message, but it excites people and makes them feel as though they are part of an important cause.

When it comes to raising awareness, stickers have a long history of proven success. Stickers have the potential to spread your message and raise awareness in different ways and to different crowds. When paired together, you are able to expose your cause to a crowd that is ready and waiting to support you. Stickers turn your message into something that people not only know and think, but something they can see and feel.