There’s a lot at stake during a political campaign, so your marketing efforts need to be focused on the right areas. Too much time or money spent on something that doesn’t reach your constituents could mean the end of your campaign.

Stickers are not only inexpensive, they’re also versatile, which makes them the perfect marketing tool for any political campaign. The uses for stickers during political campaigns are endless, but the most popular methods have been proven to succeed. So if you need stickers for your next political campaign, look no further than Stickers International to help you in the following ways.

Using Stickers for Political Campaigns

Pull Together Your Campaign Team. When you have dozens, hundreds, or maybe even thousands of loyal campaigners working with you, you want to make sure you all appear as a cohesive team. Every time one of your team members runs into someone else, you want a custom designed sticker on them that ties them to your campaign. These types of stickers are easy to make and help to supercharge the power of word-of-mouth, which is one of the strongest – and cheapest – tools at your disposal.

  • Stickers As Giveaways. Every time you reach out to a new person, put a custom designed sticker in their hand. Not only do people love free giveaways, but if they want to show their support, you’ve made the job easy for them. All they need to do is put the sticker somewhere that it will receive visibility. This could be on their car, laptop, notebooks, or a jacket.
  • Creative Stickers as a Promotional Tool. Custom designed stickers aren’t used just for identification purposes. Your political campaign can design amazing, creative stickers that can be strategically placed for advertising and marketing purposes. Stickers on cars, park benches, and even buses can have an immense impact on your visibility and reach.
  • Design Support for Home Run Ideas. If you’ve already decided you want stickers as part of your political campaign, but don’t know where to start, Stickers International has a design and customer service team that can walk you through the entire design process. These suggestions can turn your sticker into a home run success.
  •  “I Voted” Stickers. Your campaign doesn’t end when a constituent votes – it ends when every single potential voter has cast a ballot. What better way to pull in more votes than handing out “I Voted” stickers to your loyal campaigners? When someone sees that sticker, it will remind them that their vote matters. Not only is this a powerful marketing tool, but these stickers are already created and on hand, ready for you to order. This makes the process easy, simple, and inexpensive.

If you need stickers for your next political campaign, Stickers International will make the entire process easier, less expensive, and more powerful. With custom designed stickers, you will reach more people, give them an opportunity to extend your reach even further, and maximize the number of votes on voting day.