Do you have an amazing product and want to take sales a bit further? Unique and inspired package designs can go a long way towards creating lifelong customers. The best part is that choosing the right packaging doesn’t have to break the budget. Using stickers for custom packaging is an affordable way to appeal to clients. This cost effective marketing tool creates a memorable experience your customers won’t soon forget.

Using Stickers For Custom Packaging

First, let’s talk about the shipping box. Not many people see this as an opportunity to be creative. However, you can easily place stickers of your brand or company logo so your customer recognizes the package when it arrives at their door.

You can also place a sticker right on the packaging box. People can get creative with placement, but this is the most common for using stickers for custom packaging. This is your customer’s first impression of your product, so make it count! Whether you use a box or bag, it doesn’t matter. Stickers will work with almost anything.

If your item is wrapped in tissue paper or plastic, stickers are also the perfect way to seal them closed. This is a great opportunity to use your logo or a small, simple design that adds to the overall experience. If not, place a sticker directly on the product so they don’t miss it. As long as it’s doesn’t mess with the product itself, it creates a unique experience for the customer.

Custom stickers are an excellent way to build up your brand for life. For your custom stickers, visit Stickers International. Easily create your stickers online, then get them shipped straight to your door. There are no minimums, no design fees, and no setup fees. If you contact them, they can even help you design your custom stickers for free!