Making your brand stand out is easy when incorporating stickers into holiday promotions. Whether used on packaging or as a low-cost giveaway, stickers create positive brand associations. Stickers also help turn the occasional customer into a loyal patron.

Here are several ways to use stickers during your business’ holiday promotions.

  1. Use Storytelling: Starbucks’ holiday cups are highly anticipated during the holiday season because they tell a story. Your stickers can do the same. Incorporate a snowy Christmas scene or phrase that will resonate with your customers. Stories tug on the heartstrings, and these emotional connections keep customers coming back, not just during the holiday season.
  2. Be Festive: The holidays are an enjoyable time of year. So, why not make your stickers fun as well? You can use classic holiday themes or new traditions. For example, stickers depicting scenes from Elf or Miracle on 34th Street can add merriment to any package. Embrace the holiday season and be festive when using stickers to enhance your product packaging.
  3. Be Creative: If you want to do something different for this year’s holiday promotions, but you are unsure of how to stand out, take a look at your competition. What does their holiday packaging look like? What is the customer response to this packaging? You can leverage those ideas in your brainstorming, and get creative with how to use stickers in your own holiday promotions.
  4. Get Personal: Go an extra step and use stickers to make a personal connection. For example, including a handwritten note on a sticker is an effective way to connect with your customers.Making this connection doesn’t necessarily have to be with just your customers, but also your employees! Thank your employees for a great year by providing them with gifts adorned with beautiful and unique stickers.

‘Tis the Season For Stickers

All in all, stickers have proven to become an effective way to engage new and existing customers, and to make your brand more memorable. Stickers are a small and simple yet effective and creative way to dress up your holiday promotional package.

If you are looking for a provider to help your business design the perfect stickers, contact World Emblem today. Make this holiday season your best year yet.