Logo and mascot stickers are a unique and fun way to promote a college or university. Though relatively inexpensive to purchase, stickers tend to increase the value of both the product and the school.

Versatile in nature, these logos can be used in a variety of ways to make your products stand out. For instance, students can use stickers for phones, laptops, notebooks, travel mugs, and water bottles.

Not only do custom stickers help increase and improve student morale, but they also lead to increased student support in campus-based activities and events. Here’s how to use stickers as a brilliant and effective marketing tool to help promote your college or university.

School Store Products and Product Packaging

Using stickers to showcase your products, or to use as sales tags or shopping bags are great ways to advertise your college or university. When other students see these stickers, this can help bring in more business for the campus store.

There are many different types of fairs, expos, and public events where you can promote your school. New students and prospective students are two target marketing audiences.

New Student Orientations 

Most colleges or universities host open houses, fairs, or expos at the beginning of each academic year so students can get a feel for the different clubs, associations, and groups the school has to offer. Handing out logo stickers at these events can be a great way to get new students to advertise for your school for free.

Career fairs, parades, county fairs, and festivals can be great ways to promote and advertise colleges. What better way to get high schoolers interested in yours than offering a free sticker?

Custom Sticker Swag Bags  

Add custom matte stickers to your welcome swag bag. Issue these bags to new students upon acceptance. This helps provide that extra special touch to freshman move-in day by having these trendy swag bags awaiting their arrival on their new dorm room beds.

And for prospective students, giving out swag bags that include stickers could mean the difference between that student choosing your school over another.

Remember, swag bags aren’t just for students. You can give away matte stickers to parents and alumni at special events. At your next alumni dinner or donor appreciation event, show former students and parents that you appreciate their continued support by handing out stickers or including them in pamphlets. Proud parents and alumni will undoubtedly display these prominently at their place of business or on their travel mugs.

Show Your School Spirit 

Sporting events, plays, art exhibitions, and pep rallies are great places to pass out free advertising and can be an effective way to thank those who support student activities. Simple “Thanks for Your Support” notes or cards with stickers attached are an easy and cost-effective way to boost morale and encourage support.

You can purchase different stickers to promote school departments, groups, or clubs. Larger colleges and universities typically have anywhere from 400 and 1500 organizations, so it can be difficult to stand out from the sea of clubs.

For example, handing out matte stickers with the name of the school with “ATHLETIC DEPT”, “PEP CLUB,” or “MARCHING BAND” can provide a sense of belonging and community.

Create Custom Stickers, Endless Possibilities

The versatility of these extremely cost-effective stickers allows for unlimited creative freedom. Encourage student involvement by asking for their input on other ways to use and showcase customer stickers. Each school has unique events and opportunities, so use your imagination and the available venues at your college to find customized uses for advertisement.

Regardless of how you choose to utilize these high-quality matte finish stickers at your school, rest assured they will get noticed and encourage enrollment and support.