Team spirit is the driving force between every adult sports league, and there’s only one way to build it: by shouting it loud and proud—and custom sports stickers can help you do just that.

Whether you’re overseeing a league for football, soccer, baseball, volleyball, or another sport (even water polo!), sports stickers instantly build pride around your team. You can take stickers anywhere with you, ready to hand out to members of the community. After all, who doesn’t love free stickers?

Here’s how you can use custom sports stickers to jump-start your league’s presence.

Team Up With Local Businesses  

Small businesses typically enjoy teaming up with other members and organizations of the community, including sports leagues. It means free or inexpensive exposure for everyone involved and builds community support.

You can build a great relationship with a business owner and mutually benefit from by trading stickers. You can give another business a stack of stickers to leave by the cash register, and you can also hand out stickers related to the other business at your next game.

The result? Suddenly, you see your own stickers popping up on laptops at the local coffee shop.

Volunteer for a Community Cause  

Set up a league-wide volunteer event and invite league members’ friends and families. Every person who shows up to volunteer receives your league’s custom sticker. You can also make “swag bags” for volunteers, which can include your team’s swag and memorabilia in addition to custom stickers.

You get the benefit of doing something good for the community, bringing together your league’s family and friends to build a sense of camaraderie, and added league exposure all at once.

Participate in Community-Wide Events  

Take a look at your community’s newest schedule of events and see where you can show up with your league. Does your city host a monthly “First Friday” event, where local artisans and entertainers participate in an all-evening festival? These events often have huge turnouts, making them a great place to take your league and give away some free stickers. Other ideas include:

  • Holiday shopping festivals
  • Summer “Movie in the Park” events
  • Street fairs and carnivals

Sell Team Swag at the Farmer’s Market 

The local farmer’s market is another great place to build a community presence for your adult sports league. You can often rent a stand (which is typically affordable, depending on the community) and turn it into a great place for your team members to hang out and talk to the community about the league and its teams.

This is also an opportunity to hand out custom stickers and utilize your stand space to display brochures, team banners, and team merchandise for sale. Even if your team merchandise only consists of water bottles or baseballs with your team sticker on them, it still counts!

Custom Stickers for Sports Leagues  

While football, baseball, and soccer are some of the most popular adult leagues out there, there are plenty of sports teams that can use sports stickers as a marketing aid. In fact, you can get custom sports stickers for any league, including bowling, rugby, water polo, and volleyball.

With a variety of color printing options available on the market, as well as many custom sizes and designs, you can make a sticker that shows off team pride for every kind of sport. Your league deserves for the community to know about it, so invest in some custom sports stickers and get your marketing strategy on the road today!