When you think of stickers in a doctor’s office, you might think of those cartoon character stickers passed out to pediatric patients. Although stickers are cute and a worthwhile investment for the practice, they are just one of the many ways stickers can be used in medical offices.

If you currently own or operate a medical office, and you are one of those offices that hands out stickers, why not take them one step further? Here are some ways stickers can be used at your office to keep your brand visible and your practice running smoothly.

1. Hand Out Stickers to Children. As mentioned above, one of the most common ways to use stickers is to hand them out to children who visit. Medical offices are often scary for children. Whether they visit for a an annual wellness check or a vaccination shot, a sticker is a time-tested way to cheer them up.

While kids love brightly-colored stickers with their favorite characters, you can also personalize them with your logo for free advertising. These stickers then become visible to other children, teachers, parents, and caregivers, helping your medical office stand out and get exposure.

2. Elevate Your Brand with Personalized Logo Stickers. In today’s consumer-savvy world, health care competition is fierce. Adults will appreciate personalized stickers that say, “Thank You for Coming!” with their doctor’s name and/or the name of the practice and logo. Small, personalized touches like this help your patients feel valued.

3. Help Clients with Paperwork. Patient paperwork can be confusing, so why not make things easier for your administrative staff by providing designated stickers for patient paperwork that say, “sign here” or “initial here”. You can also create blank stickers with a similar style so that staff can write their own messages or reminders.

4. Hand Out Logo Stickers at Community Events. Neighborhood block parties, parades, fundraisers, and charity events are often overlooked opportunities to increase brand awareness. By handing out custom stickers with your office’s name and logo, you are increasing brand awareness and exposure within your community.

5. Label Exam Room Supplies. Knowing where to find medical supplies in exam rooms is key to a clinic’s success, especially during emergencies. Labeling drawers, shelves, and cupboards accordingly not only helps nurses and doctors find the supplies they need but also serves as a visual reminder to staff to check exam room stock.

6. Stick on Free Giveaways. Local trade shows, fairs, expos, and festivals are great places to market your medical office. Handing out giveaway items such as plastic visors, sunglasses, or keychains with your office logo is a great way to get your name out there. Order these “freebie” items and attach your own logo sticker.

7. Keep Office Files Organized. Office organization can make or break the efficiency, productivity, and ultimate success of any practice. Adopting a color-coded sticker system to designate different phases of files and paperwork, such as whether patient information has been entered into the database, medically coded, sent through insurance, and accepted or denied can help an office run more efficiently.

Blank label stickers can also be used to label file baskets, cabinets, cupboards, and shelves to help the entire office know where to store and find the correct items.

Stick to Success

Whether they are keeping you organized or used for labeling, stickers are a great addition to any medical clinic or office. If you want to see what a custom sticker would look like with your brand or office name, contact the team at Stickers International today.