You want everything to be perfect for your big day. Ensuring any multi-stage event flows seamlessly from one activity to the next requires planning small details throughout the day and into the evening. Wedding labels or stickers are an important—yet overlooked—detail that can simplify many aspects of your wedding while contributing to your wedding brand, logo, or overall cohesive look.

Choosing a style and color scheme that mirrors your overall wedding theme contributes to making your wedding stand out and remain memorable among the long list of weddings your guests will attend throughout the year. Here are some little time-saving style tips to help enhance your special day.

1. Sealing Envelopes

No one enjoys the tedious task of stuffing envelopes. Ditch the damp sponge that leaves envelopes soggy and wrinkled for a crisp, on-trend custom wedding label.

From casual to formal or quaint to elegant, using your wedding stickers to seal envelopes on your save-the-dates, wedding invitations, and post-event thank you’s is a great way to convey to your guests the overall feel of your event.

2. Bachelor or Bachelorette Parties

Use wedding labels as part of your table centerpieces, or attach them to door prizes or giveaways at your wedding showers for that extra-special touch. You can also stick them to the shirts of your bachelor or bachelorette party entourage to establish a fun, unified vibe that lets everyone around you know your group came to party.

3. Brand Wedding Favors

Are you handing out something to toss after the wedding, such as bubbles, confetti, paper airplanes, or rose petals? Will you provide a takeaway like mints, chocolates, or water bottles? Brand your gifts with wedding labels or stickers for that personal touch to commemorate the event.

4. Personalize Wedding Party Gifts

Choosing gifts for bridesmaids and groomsmen sets the tone for the event and provides social cues for expected behavior. For example, custom sunglasses, flip-flops, and flasks indicate your wedding dance may get fun and a little crazy. They also encourage guests to relax and get comfortable, while personalized champagne flutes and jewelry help convey a more reserved, classy vibe.

Regardless of how you thank your wedding party for devoting their time to your big day, you can use wedding label stickers to a heartfelt, handwritten message completes a put-together, cohesive grab-bag your wedding party is sure to appreciate.

5. Enhance Table Decorations

Whether your table centerpieces will be simple and elegant, or fun and festive, adding the personal touch of your wedding stickers contributes to your wedding brand and takes your wedding decor to the next level.

6. Custom Place Cards

Utilizing a seating chart and place cards at your wedding dinner helps the event feel more formal and refined. Without this plan in place, guests must take stock of the table configuration upon entering a wedding reception hall, find the wedding party or head table, and then figure out where their relationship with you fits into the seating scheme.

An unwritten wedding rule is that immediate family and close friends sit at the tables closest to the head table. By going the extra mile with place cards, this removes the awkward guesswork your guests have about where to sit. Utilize custom wedding labels for place cards to contribute to your cohesive wedding vibe.

Custom Wedding Labels With Stickers International

However you choose to use your custom wedding labels and stickers, ordering these branding logos is one easy, inexpensive decision that will pull your entire event together while setting it apart from the rest. Stick with Stickers International for your custom wedding labels and more today.