Looking for new ways to market your small business? Custom stickers truly provide endless possibilities.

Custom stickers aren’t typically seen as an advertisement, but as a personal endorsement. For example, when a consumer displays a brand’s sticker on their laptop, water bottle, or travel mug, it’s because they truly stand behind the product and want to tell the world. This is the ultimate positive review of a brand’s products and services, and it holds more weight than traditional advertising mediums.

What are some other ways your small business can use custom stickers? Here are some top tips for using custom stickers to help grow your business.

1. Network with Other Small Businesses

Does your business share a local coworking space? Why not link up with the artisan cafe down the street? Networking with other small businesses in your area is a great way to gain exposure, especially if you share your sticker swag.

If you establish a great relationship with the cafe owner, you might be able to leave a stack of your stickers next to the cash register. In return, take some of the cafe’s stickers or business cards and leave them in your reception area for your customers. This is a win-win for both businesses.

For best results, be mindful when choosing businesses to network with. Ideally, they should be geographically close and serve a similar customer base.

2. Include Stickers with Your Business Cards

Did you know that 88 percent of business cards end up in the trash within a week? How do you beat those odds?

The best way to get more mileage from your business cards is to add a novelty to them, such as metallic print, die cutting, or high-quality embossing. You can also include a custom sticker in with every card you hand out.

Simply reprinting your business cards in color increases their success rate tenfold. Imagine what you could do if every customer or lead who receives a business card also gets a sticker…

3. Get Involved with the Community

Does your city or township have a local Little League team? Or is the local high school football team the biggest highlight? Perhaps you have an active Kiwanis chapter or a YMCA that raises funding for new community endeavors.

Wherever your community spirit blossoms, make it a point to be present and bring your stickers with you. Handing out stickers at local events, fairs, and festivals is one of the fastest ways to increase brand awareness within your very own community. Plus, your mere presence at local events shows that you care about the community, which immediately boosts your brand reputation.

4. Join a Local Business Group

Many communities have small business groups—you just have to find them. You can search Meetup.com or join the Chamber of Commerce. If your community really doesn’t have any local business groups, why not start one?

All in all, joining (or starting) a local business group is an easy way to help you increase brand awareness and build a solid reputation within your community. And sharing custom stickers can help!

5. Give Out Swag Bags at Company Events

Try using stickers to jazz up small gifts for your staff and team members during your next Christmas party or company outing. Domed stickers visually “pop”, which make them unique and attractive. You can design your custom stickers with your brand’s logo, color scheme, or mascot.

The multi-functional nature of custom stickers is just one reason why they make a great gift and a great marketing tool.

Make Custom Stickers Work for Your Small Business

Are you worried that custom stickers won’t fit into your marketing budget? Stickers International offers custom sticker options that include affordable bulk pricing on stickers as small as 0.5 x 0.5 inches, or as large as 9.125 x 9.125 inches.

Choose from a wide range of sticker materials, including glossy, matte, metallic, and 3D domed designs. Over 35 years of experience in the sticker printing business means you’re getting top quality every time.

Get your free instant quote and add novelty to your marketing campaign with custom branded stickers today.