Are you searching for new ways to bring creativity to your cafe’s marketing strategy? Custom stickers are an effective and cost-efficient way to do just that and to connect with your customer base. And creating a custom sticker is easier than ever with online sticker design tools.

What are Custom Stickers?

Custom stickers are great for jazzing up gift bags for employees or customers, or even as freebies at your counter. They are also available in a variety of types, which makes it easy to find one that is functional and complements your cafe’s logo. Some types of custom stickers include:

  • Matte stickers, a basic option that’s great for coffee shops aiming for a subdued aesthetic
  • Glossy stickers, a high-shine look that turns your logo into an eye-catching piece
  • Metallic stickers, a premium option for high-end cafes that want to evoke luxury with a hint of silver or gold
  • Dome stickers have a multi-dimensional look and protect your design for better longevity per sticker.

Here are some ways you can use custom stickers in your cafe:

1. Product Presentation

Do you sell your own house-roasted dark roast beans, or serve muffins and scones to go? A stark brown paper bag full of roasted beans doesn’t exactly say “buy me”, however, the addition of a well-designed logo sticker turns it into a polished product that’s ready to purchase (and brew). For instance, you can add a logo sticker to:

  • Cellophane bags to hold baked goods
  • Envelopes for gift cards
  • Paper sleeves for coffee cups
  • Gift bags for holiday merchandise

2. Organize Behind the Counter

You can also add your logo to stickers designed for behind-the-counter organization. For example, you can use custom stickers for labeling and organizing inventory, such as “decaf beans,” “espresso beans,” “soy milk,” and so on.

3. Easier Wi-Fi Access

Most cafes choose to keep their Wi-Fi password exclusive to customers only, but that doesn’t mean you have to whisper it over the counter like it’s a trade secret.

Consider creating custom stickers featuring your logo and Wi-Fi password. Keep a stack of them at the register, so your customers can grab them when they make a purchase. Plus, customers can stick the password right onto their laptops so they’ll never lose it!

4. Market and Decorate Cups and Sleeves

It can be expensive to buy custom-printed cups and sleeves with your cafe’s logo, especially if you’re a small business and don’t have space for cost-effective bulk orders.

At the same time, it’s important to create an experience for each customer walking in and out of your cafe. That includes a cup that says “this is where I go to buy my coffee.” That cup will sit on your customer’s desk throughout their workday, or stay in their hand while they shop. The end result is the same: other potential customers will see it.

Cost-effective custom stickers can be easily added to each cup and sleeve manually, requiring a lot less time than stamping logos with ink, and they look better as well.

5. Spread the Word About Sales and Promos

Big coffee companies are good at pushing short-term promotions. However, smaller cafes struggle with outfitting its staff with new uniforms every time they want to promote a new product. Custom stickers can help spread the word about short-term promotions without breaking the bank.

You can sell these promo stickers at the counter for $1 for a quick add-on, give them away to customers with children (bonus points: kids will beg to come back), and hand them out to regulars to stick on their laptops and bumpers. Just create a new design every couple of months whenever you develop a new product or run a new sale!

Experimentation is Key

Custom stickers are an easy, cost-effective, and creative way to market your cafe. They also allow cafes to get creative. When creating and designing custom stickers for your cafe, involve your staff and encourage creative ideas. You never know what idea or custom sticker design might transform your small cafe into a busy and successful business!