Stickers are the perfect way to create emotional connections and convert seasonal customers into year-round buyers. And what better time to really connect with first-time customers?

In this article, we will review some of the different sticker options your business can leverage on your packaging as well as dive into some creative ways to use stickers to promote your business and brand.

Making Your Business Stick

In 1917, the founders of Hallmark, the Hall brothers, changed the retail industry by accident. Instead of using conventional gift-wrapping paper, they used decorative French paper. This trend quickly spread like wildfire. Then, in 1919, Hallmark began selling the wrapping paper we still use today.

Through the years, Hallmark also began using stickers with their gift wrapping. Stickers than evolved from gift wrapping to marketing. Over the years, stickers have improved greatly, and are now available in different formats, which we will review in detail below.

Glossy Stickers

Glossy stickers are shiny, simplistic, and provide a polished and professional appearance. Additionally, glossy stickers reflect the light and help colors stand out with greater vibrancy.

  • How to Use Glossy Stickers: Glossy stickers make the perfect packaging solution, especially when you are looking for a “barely there” effect.

Matte Stickers

Unlike glossy stickers, matte stickers aren’t shiny but rather have a flat look and texture. Despite their flat appearance, matte stickers are still very inviting.

  • How to Use Matte Stickers: Matte stickers are also extremely versatile. They can be used on luxurious goods or help bring out an earthy tone. For example, matte stickers are great for organic products.

Dome Stickers

Dome stickers are great to look at and are incredibly durable. Dome stickers catch the eye because of how light interacts with the sticker. The curves of the sticker show the colors in different hues.

  • How to Use Dome Stickers: Made from urethane, dome stickers are perfect for clear, high-resolution coloring, adding depth and detail to any product packaging. Dome stickers work well with nearly any product. If your customer base prefers a 3-D design, then large dome stickers might be the best way to grab their attention.

Metallic Stickers

Metallic stickers, otherwise known as foil labels, add a different effect to your product packaging. These stickers have a metallic finish, which is a great way to give your products a trendy look.

  • How to Use Metallic Stickers: There are several uses for metallic stickers. Metallic stickers provide a clean, finished look ideal for products connoting efficient operation.

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