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7 Ways to Drive Your Medical Practice to Success with Stickers

When you think of stickers in a doctor’s office, you might think of those cartoon character stickers passed out to pediatric patients. Although stickers are cute and a worthwhile investment for the practice, they are just one of the many ways stickers can be used in medical offices.

If you currently own or operate a medical office, and you are one of those offices that hands out stickers, why not take them one step further? Here are some ways stickers can be used at your office to keep your brand visible and your practice running smoothly.

How to Use Stickers For Packaging

1. Hand Out Stickers to Children. As mentioned above, one of the most common ways to use stickers is to hand them out to children who visit. Medical offices are often scary for children. Whether they visit for a an annual wellness check or a vaccination shot, a sticker is a time-tested way to cheer them up.

While kids love brightly-colored stickers with their favorite characters, you can also personalize them with your logo for free advertising. These stickers then become visible to other children, teachers, parents, and caregivers, helping your medical office stand out and get exposure.

2. Elevate Your Brand with Personalized Logo Stickers. In today’s consumer-savvy world, health care competition is fierce. Adults will appreciate personalized stickers that say, “Thank You for Coming!” with their doctor’s name and/or the name of the practice and logo. Small, personalized touches like this help your patients feel valued.

3. Help Clients with Paperwork. Patient paperwork can be confusing, so why not make things easier for your administrative staff by providing designated stickers for patient paperwork that say, “sign here” or “initial here”. You can also create blank stickers with a similar style so that staff can write their own messages or reminders.

4. Hand Out Logo Stickers at Community Events. Neighborhood block parties, parades, fundraisers, and charity events are often overlooked opportunities to increase brand awareness. By handing out custom stickers with your office’s name and logo, you are increasing brand awareness and exposure within your community.

5. Label Exam Room Supplies. Knowing where to find medical supplies in exam rooms is key to a clinic’s success, especially during emergencies. Labeling drawers, shelves, and cupboards accordingly not only helps nurses and doctors find the supplies they need but also serves as a visual reminder to staff to check exam room stock.

6. Stick on Free Giveaways. Local trade shows, fairs, expos, and festivals are great places to market your medical office. Handing out giveaway items such as plastic visors, sunglasses, or keychains with your office logo is a great way to get your name out there. Order these “freebie” items and attach your own logo sticker.

7. Keep Office Files Organized. Office organization can make or break the efficiency, productivity, and ultimate success of any practice. Adopting a color-coded sticker system to designate different phases of files and paperwork, such as whether patient information has been entered into the database, medically coded, sent through insurance, and accepted or denied can help an office run more efficiently.

Blank label stickers can also be used to label file baskets, cabinets, cupboards, and shelves to help the entire office know where to store and find the correct items.

Stick to Success 

Whether they are keeping you organized or used for labeling, stickers are a great addition to any medical clinic or office. If you want to see what a custom sticker would look like with your brand or office name, contact the team at Stickers International today.


How to Use Stickers to Organize and Promote Your Real Estate Business

As a real estate professional, you know how competitive the industry can be. The residential and commercial markets can heat up quickly, and if you’re not on top of your game, you’ll likely lose out on potential sales. So, it is important to use all the tools you can to maintain a competitive edge.

Fortunately, there are many ways you make your business run more efficiently, attract clients, and sell homes and other properties. One easy, cost-effective, and fun way to organize and promote your real estate business is to use stickers and labels. Custom stickers are incredibly versatile and can be used almost anywhere.

In this article, we will give you some ideas on how to use custom stickers to organize and promote your real estate business, and how to get started.

How to Use Stickers to Organize and Promote Your Real Estate Business

Organizing Your Real Estate Office With Stickers  

Create a color-coded filing system: Even in our digital age, real estate professionals still deal with a ton of paperwork. It is incredibly easy to lose important paperwork or get client files mixed up with other clients. One way to help your office stay organized is to use a color-coded filing system with stickers. You can use different-colored stickers for different categories.

Use stickers on everything: These include bins, desk tray organizers, jars, and cabinets. Finding office supplies, mail, and documents will become quicker and easier, ultimately increasing efficiency. Using stickers will save you and your staff a ton of time searching for the items you need.

Label binders: If you use a binder for office operations, you can use stickers to label different sections in your manual, such as different tasks, activities, processes, and procedures. You can also use a binder for specific real estate information, such as local laws or processes that you need to reference quickly. Using stickers to color-code these areas will make it easier to find and access the information you need.

Promoting Your Business   

There are many ways you can use custom stickers and labels to promote your real estate business, services, and properties for sale. Here are a few ways:

Create custom stickers: Design a sticker with your real estate business name and logo. Make it as compelling and eye-catching as possible. The more attractive and accessible you make your customer stickers, the more they will attract potential clients. Custom stickers are also a cost-effective way to spread the word about your brand. They are easy to hand out at home shows, send in the mail to potential clients with your business card, or leave at the counter in a local coffee shop.

Use stickers to show appreciation: Although real estate is an exciting and competitive industry, it can also cause a great deal of stress and anxiety for clients. Many clients, especially first-time home buyers, are unfamiliar with the real estate process and may experience some anxiety.

However, after everything is said and done, and your clients are moving into their new home, you can send them a Thank You card with a branded sticker that says “Welcome to Your New Home”.

All in all, stickers are a perfect way to thank clients for working with you and also advertise your real estate business. A sticker is not only a nice gesture, but it also reminds clients of your hard work. It also reassures them that they made the right choice in hiring you.

Create Custom Stickers With Stickers International 

Stickers International offers several different options for creating customizable stickers. They are available in matte, glossy, metallic, and domed styles, and in a variety of sizes. Each type has unique features and can be designed to fit the needs of your brand. Start designing your custom stickers today by using the online tool design tool from Stickers International.

Contact Stickers International today to learn more about how to create stickers for your business.

5 Rockin’ Ways to Use Custom Stickers at Concerts and Music Venues

Concerts and live entertainment events are often jam-packed with stickers, badges, memorabilia and other branding and labeling on everything from instrument cases and amps to event staff and fans, as far as the eye can see.

Custom stickers are a popular and relatively inexpensive way to promote a brand or message at an event as well as drum up business for both the venue and artists. Luckily, designing a customized logo or printing concert information on a sticker has never been easier or more affordable.

5 Rockin’ Ways to Use Custom Stickers at Concerts and Music Venues

Using Custom Stickers at Music Venues 

In addition to adding them on equipment, T-shirts, and event staff badges, what are some other ways to use stickers at concerts and music venues? Here are five creative ways your band or group can use custom stickers.

1. Spread the Word. For a musician, act, venue, or promoter, getting the word out about an upcoming show, event, or concert can be a full-time job. In addition to social media and other online marketing methods, another great way is to hand out free stickers at other concerts or live entertainment events.

Bands, theater groups, and other entertainment acts can also create stickers that advertise their website, social media accounts, and even upcoming show dates. After all, what better way to reach your audience than by physically handing out stickers while they are attending a show?

2. Stay Organized During an Event. The day of an event is always hectic—regardless of whether you are a band, a theater group, or a traveling circus. Using custom stickers not only promotes your band, group, or act, they can be used to keep your group organized on the day of the event.

Using stickers to delineate different staff members, stages, equipment, and directions to concessions, merchandise tables, or restrooms is inexpensive and helps everyone.

3. Promote Your Band or Act. There’s no end to the creativity of fandom. Whether you’re a theater troupe, an indie startup band, an all-out rockstar touring the world, give your fans a customized band sticker, and you will be amazed at the places they’ll turn up.

You can also show your support for another band or group by adding their stickers on your amps, guitar cases, or drums. This displays a level of camaraderie among various bands and lets your audience know who influences and inspires you. Ask them to do the same for you!

4. Promote Your Venue, Concert, or Festival. The quickest way to get the word out among music fans is to hand out stickers at existing venues, concerts, and festivals. True live music fans love nothing so much as more live music. Get the event or venue staff to know your crowd on a personal level by interacting with them and handing out your stickers.

This level of collaboration between staff and crowds can also help inspire event volunteering, which is usually a necessity at any sizable event. Fans love being a part of an event in a way that makes them feel like they are “with the band.”

5. Sell Larger, Elaborate Stickers at the Merch Table. Most bands and events have a table set up specifically for selling merchandise. Putting inexpensive items like stickers out front helps draw in your audience members who are looking for cool merchandise but maybe don’t want to spend $50 for a hooded sweatshirt.

Amplify Your Fanbase With Custom Stickers 

From cars, trucks, and motorcycles to ATVs, mopeds, and bicycles, fans love to adorn their vehicles of choice with band and event stickers.

Devices such as tablets, laptops, phones, and speakers as well as bags, books, water bottles, and travel mugs are common items to place stickers. Fans love to stick them anywhere they’ll get noticed. Let fans become ambassadors of your brand to amplify your following.

Regardless of your role at a live event, custom stickers are a brilliant and inexpensive way to get the word out about your brand, music or theater group, or your entertainment act, and to get the crowd to go wild.


6 Ways Custom Wedding Labels Take Your Wedding to Next-Level Fabulous

You want everything to be perfect for your big day. Ensuring any multi-stage event flows seamlessly from one activity to the next requires planning small details throughout the day and into the evening. Wedding labels or stickers are an important—yet overlooked—detail that can simplify many aspects of your wedding while contributing to your wedding brand, logo, or overall cohesive look.

Choosing a style and color scheme that mirrors your overall wedding theme contributes to making your wedding stand out and remain memorable among the long list of weddings your guests will attend throughout the year. Here are some little time-saving style tips to help enhance your special day.

6 Ways Custom Wedding Labels Take Your Wedding to Next-Level Fabulous

1. Sealing Envelopes  

No one enjoys the tedious task of stuffing envelopes. Ditch the damp sponge that leaves envelopes soggy and wrinkled for a crisp, on-trend custom wedding label.

From casual to formal or quaint to elegant, using your wedding stickers to seal envelopes on your save-the-dates, wedding invitations, and post-event thank you’s is a great way to convey to your guests the overall feel of your event.

2. Bachelor or Bachelorette Parties

Use wedding labels as part of your table centerpieces, or attach them to door prizes or giveaways at your wedding showers for that extra-special touch. You can also stick them to the shirts of your bachelor or bachelorette party entourage to establish a fun, unified vibe that lets everyone around you know your group came to party.

3. Brand Wedding Favors 

Are you handing out something to toss after the wedding, such as bubbles, confetti, paper airplanes, or rose petals? Will you provide a takeaway like mints, chocolates, or water bottles? Brand your gifts with wedding labels or stickers for that personal touch to commemorate the event.

4. Personalize Wedding Party Gifts

Choosing gifts for bridesmaids and groomsmen sets the tone for the event and provides social cues for expected behavior. For example, custom sunglasses, flip-flops, and flasks indicate your wedding dance may get fun and a little crazy. They also encourage guests to relax and get comfortable, while personalized champagne flutes and jewelry help convey a more reserved, classy vibe.

Regardless of how you thank your wedding party for devoting their time to your big day, you can use wedding label stickers to a heartfelt, handwritten message completes a put-together, cohesive grab-bag your wedding party is sure to appreciate.

5. Enhance Table Decorations

Whether your table centerpieces will be simple and elegant, or fun and festive, adding the personal touch of your wedding stickers contributes to your wedding brand and takes your wedding decor to the next level.

6. Custom Place Cards 

Utilizing a seating chart and place cards at your wedding dinner helps the event feel more formal and refined. Without this plan in place, guests must take stock of the table configuration upon entering a wedding reception hall, find the wedding party or head table, and then figure out where their relationship with you fits into the seating scheme.

An unwritten wedding rule is that immediate family and close friends sit at the tables closest to the head table. By going the extra mile with place cards, this removes the awkward guesswork your guests have about where to sit. Utilize custom wedding labels for place cards to contribute to your cohesive wedding vibe.

Custom Wedding Labels With Stickers International 

However you choose to use your custom wedding labels and stickers, ordering these branding logos is one easy, inexpensive decision that will pull your entire event together while setting it apart from the rest. Stick with Stickers International for your custom wedding labels and more today. 


How to Design Effective Food and Drink Labels for Small Businesses

The U.S. food and drink industry is enormous. In 2017, total sales amounted to over $5 trillion dollars. According to the USDA, over 20,000 new food and drink products were introduced in retail outlets in 2016.

Given the amount of competition in the industry, it is crucial for small businesses like yours to stand out. Without long-lasting and distinctive labels, your brand may not effectively attract customers.

Whether you need custom labels for jars, boxes, plastic, or bottles, here are some tips for designing effective labels to help your business stay ahead of the competition.

How to Design Effective Food and Drink Labels for Small Businesses

4 Tips to Create Compelling Food and Drink Custom Labels 

  1. Consider what your custom label communicates. Before you think about size, color, and font, focus on what you want the label to say. This should be the first step in the process. Ask yourself: What is the product, and who is it for? What are the ingredients? What does it taste like? A well-written label will answer all of these questions.
  2. Determine label design. Determining the overall size, look, and feel can be overwhelming. After all, you want to ensure your labels stand out, but are also effective. Let’s break it down.
    • Size. The size of the custom label will ultimately depend on the size of the product and how much of the product you want visible. Be sure to accurately measure the product to avoid making the label too big or too small. Also, consider the surface of the product and the shape. Is it smooth, textured, square, or round?
    • Material. The label material should match the style of the product. For example, a brown paper label might not be the best option for a luxury product. Metallic labels might reflect too much light and make the words difficult to see and read.
    • Font Type. Readability is key. Customers need to be able to read your label from a distance. A good trick is to use a technique called typographic pairing, which involves pairing two different font styles and types to create contrast between different but related pieces of information.
    • Colors. Choose colors that enhance readability by creating an appealing contrast, that accurately reflect the nature of the product, and that are also on brand. For example, earthy or neutral colors tend to reflect sustainability.
    • Be original. The key to attracting customers is to be eye-catching and memorable. Remember, your product may be displayed next to many others in a retail store. See what your competitors are doing to ensure your labels are unique.
  3. Hire a professional. Depending on your budget, working with a marketing consultant or expert can help you make these choices and can help you craft a label that will help enhance your product.

Custom Product Labels 

Custom labels are printed using the latest technologies and crafted with the highest quality materials. Stickers International creates your custom labels so that they are durable and long-lasting. These are qualities that are essential for businesses of any size.

Check out this free, simple online tool to create your food and drink labels, and take your business and brand to the next level.


4 Tips For Packaging Your Etsy Products

It is now easier than ever to create and sell homemade products. With just a few clicks, you can sell your products online and ship them to customers.

Although this process is fairly straightforward, it does require some effort, especially if you want to become a successful Etsy shop. There are also other business owners competing for the same clientele. So how do you help your business stand out from the the competition?

A tried-and-true method is to create a memorable packaging experience for the customer. Think of any product you’ve opened from top brands and companies. That product was likely wrapped to perfection and shipped with care. In order to be a successful Etsy shop owner, you have to treat your products with the same level of care.

So, if you run an Etsy shop and want to attract more customers, you are in the right place. This article will outline a few ideas you can use to boost your visibility—using custom stickers and more. 

4 Tips For Packaging Your Etsy Products

Custom Stickers and More: 4 Effective Packaging Tips 

The key ingredient to growing your business is to impress customers at every step of the shopping experience, especially once they receive your product. Here are a few packaging tips to get you started.

1. Determine how to secure your product. You know your product better than anyone. So the first thing to consider is how to safely ship it to the customer. Of course, the shipping materials and methods used would ultimately depend on the product itself. 

  • How much does the product weigh?
  • Should you ship the product in a box, bubble mailer, or a container?
  • What packaging materials (such as tissue paper) are necessary?

2. Include decorative touches. The package should reflect your brand. It’s also a good idea to use your logo. You can do this easily with custom stickers or labels. The point is to include any additional embellishments that help your product stand out and impress customers. For example, many Etsy shop owners wrap products with hand-curled ribbon for that little something extra.

3. Add extras in the package. Unless the product is a gift, be sure to include a printout of the invoice as well as care instructions for your product. You can also add your business card and a coupon for future purchases. To make it even more personalized, add a handwritten thank you note. Another option is to include freebies with your logo, such as stickers, bookmarks, magnets, or even candy.

4. Package your product with care. Getting the product ready for shipment is the next important step. Consider double-wrapping your product, especially if it’s fragile, and make sure it is secure inside the shipping container. Securely apply the shipping label. A packing slip envelope is recommended for shipping packages overseas to prevent any holdups in customs.

These are just a few ideas to package your product in a way that will safely reach your customers, show them that you care, and also help your Etsy shop stand out. This is one of the best ways to forge connections and establish a loyal customer base.

Custom Stickers Add Flare to Your Etsy Package

Custom stickers with your logo are a great and cost-effective way to enhance your package and elevate your brand’s appeal. Custom stickers are available in matte, gloss, metal, and domed finishes, and are made with high-quality materials.

Check out this easy-to-use, free online tool to create your custom stickers, and help your Etsy shop stand out in a matter of minutes.


How to Use Custom Stickers to Promote Colleges and Universities

Logo and mascot stickers are a unique and fun way to promote a college or university. Though relatively inexpensive to purchase, stickers tend to increase the value of both the product and the school. 

Versatile in nature, these logos can be used in a variety of ways to make your products stand out. For instance, students can use stickers for phones, laptops, notebooks, travel mugs, and water bottles.

Not only do custom stickers help increase and improve student morale, but they also lead to increased student support in campus-based activities and events. Here’s how to use stickers as a brilliant and effective marketing tool to help promote your college or university.

How to Use Custom Stickers to Promote Colleges and Universities

School Store Products and Product Packaging

Using stickers to showcase your products, or to use as sales tags or shopping bags are great ways to advertise your college or university. When other students see these stickers, this can help bring in more business for the campus store. 

There are many different types of fairs, expos, and public events where you can promote your school. New students and prospective students are two target marketing audiences.

New Student Orientations 

Most colleges or universities host open houses, fairs, or expos at the beginning of each academic year so students can get a feel for the different clubs, associations, and groups the school has to offer. Handing out logo stickers at these events can be a great way to get new students to advertise for your school for free.

Career fairs, parades, county fairs, and festivals can be great ways to promote and advertise colleges. What better way to get high schoolers interested in yours than offering a free sticker? 

Custom Sticker Swag Bags  

Add custom matte stickers to your welcome swag bag. Issue these bags to new students upon acceptance. This helps provide that extra special touch to freshman move-in day by having these trendy swag bags awaiting their arrival on their new dorm room beds.

And for prospective students, giving out swag bags that include stickers could mean the difference between that student choosing your school over another.

Remember, swag bags aren’t just for students. You can give away matte stickers to parents and alumni at special events. At your next alumni dinner or donor appreciation event, show former students and parents that you appreciate their continued support by handing out stickers or including them in pamphlets. Proud parents and alumni will undoubtedly display these prominently at their place of business or on their travel mugs.

Show Your School Spirit 

Sporting events, plays, art exhibitions, and pep rallies are great places to pass out free advertising and can be an effective way to thank those who support student activities. Simple “Thanks for Your Support” notes or cards with stickers attached are an easy and cost-effective way to boost morale and encourage support.

You can purchase different stickers to promote school departments, groups, or clubs. Larger colleges and universities typically have anywhere from 400 and 1500 organizations, so it can be difficult to stand out from the sea of clubs.

For example, handing out matte stickers with the name of the school with “ATHLETIC DEPT”, “PEP CLUB,” or “MARCHING BAND” can provide a sense of belonging and community.

Create Custom Stickers, Endless Possibilities

The versatility of these extremely cost-effective stickers allows for unlimited creative freedom. Encourage student involvement by asking for their input on other ways to use and showcase customer stickers. Each school has unique events and opportunities, so use your imagination and the available venues at your college to find customized uses for advertisement.

Regardless of how you choose to utilize these high-quality matte finish stickers at your school, rest assured they will get noticed and encourage enrollment and support.


5 Creative Ways to Use Stickers in Your Coffee Shop’s Marketing

Are you searching for new ways to bring creativity to your cafe’s marketing strategy? Custom stickers are an effective and cost-efficient way to do just that and to connect with your customer base. And creating a custom sticker is easier than ever with online sticker design tools. 

5 Creative Ways to Use Stickers in Your Coffee Shop's Marketing

What are Custom Stickers? 

Custom stickers are great for jazzing up gift bags for employees or customers, or even as freebies at your counter. They are also available in a variety of types, which makes it easy to find one that is functional and complements your cafe’s logo. Some types of custom stickers include:

  • Matte stickers, a basic option that’s great for coffee shops aiming for a subdued aesthetic
  • Glossy stickers, a high-shine look that turns your logo into an eye-catching piece
  • Metallic stickers, a premium option for high-end cafes that want to evoke luxury with a hint of silver or gold
  • Dome stickers have a multi-dimensional look and protect your design for better longevity per sticker.

Here are some ways you can use custom stickers in your cafe:

1. Product Presentation 

Do you sell your own house-roasted dark roast beans, or serve muffins and scones to go? A stark brown paper bag full of roasted beans doesn’t exactly say “buy me”, however, the addition of a well-designed logo sticker turns it into a polished product that’s ready to purchase (and brew). For instance, you can add a logo sticker to:

  • Cellophane bags to hold baked goods
  • Envelopes for gift cards
  • Paper sleeves for coffee cups
  • Gift bags for holiday merchandise

2. Organize Behind the Counter 

You can also add your logo to stickers designed for behind-the-counter organization. For example, you can use custom stickers for labeling and organizing inventory, such as “decaf beans,” “espresso beans,” “soy milk,” and so on.

3. Easier Wi-Fi Access 

Most cafes choose to keep their Wi-Fi password exclusive to customers only, but that doesn’t mean you have to whisper it over the counter like it’s a trade secret.

Consider creating custom stickers featuring your logo and Wi-Fi password. Keep a stack of them at the register, so your customers can grab them when they make a purchase. Plus, customers can stick the password right onto their laptops so they’ll never lose it!

4. Market and Decorate Cups and Sleeves 

It can be expensive to buy custom-printed cups and sleeves with your cafe’s logo, especially if you’re a small business and don’t have space for cost-effective bulk orders.

At the same time, it’s important to create an experience for each customer walking in and out of your cafe. That includes a cup that says “this is where I go to buy my coffee.” That cup will sit on your customer’s desk throughout their workday, or stay in their hand while they shop. The end result is the same: other potential customers will see it.

Cost-effective custom stickers can be easily added to each cup and sleeve manually, requiring a lot less time than stamping logos with ink, and they look better as well.

5. Spread the Word About Sales and Promos 

Big coffee companies are good at pushing short-term promotions. However, smaller cafes struggle with outfitting its staff with new uniforms every time they want to promote a new product. Custom stickers can help spread the word about short-term promotions without breaking the bank.

You can sell these promo stickers at the counter for $1 for a quick add-on, give them away to customers with children (bonus points: kids will beg to come back), and hand them out to regulars to stick on their laptops and bumpers. Just create a new design every couple of months whenever you develop a new product or run a new sale!

Experimentation is Key 

Custom stickers are an easy, cost-effective, and creative way to market your cafe. They also allow cafes to get creative. When creating and designing custom stickers for your cafe, involve your staff and encourage creative ideas. You never know what idea or custom sticker design might transform your small cafe into a busy and successful business!


Custom Stickers for Adult Sports Leagues

Team spirit is the driving force between every adult sports league, and there’s only one way to build it: by shouting it loud and proud—and custom sports stickers can help you do just that.

Whether you’re overseeing a league for football, soccer, baseball, volleyball, or another sport (even water polo!), sports stickers instantly build pride around your team. You can take stickers anywhere with you, ready to hand out to members of the community. After all, who doesn’t love free stickers?

Here’s how you can use custom sports stickers to jump-start your league’s presence. 

Custom Stickers for Adult Sports Leagues

Team Up With Local Businesses  

Small businesses typically enjoy teaming up with other members and organizations of the community, including sports leagues. It means free or inexpensive exposure for everyone involved and builds community support.

You can build a great relationship with a business owner and mutually benefit from by trading stickers. You can give another business a stack of stickers to leave by the cash register, and you can also hand out stickers related to the other business at your next game.

The result? Suddenly, you see your own stickers popping up on laptops at the local coffee shop.

Volunteer for a Community Cause  

Set up a league-wide volunteer event and invite league members’ friends and families. Every person who shows up to volunteer receives your league’s custom sticker. You can also make “swag bags” for volunteers, which can include your team’s swag and memorabilia in addition to custom stickers. 

You get the benefit of doing something good for the community, bringing together your league’s family and friends to build a sense of camaraderie, and added league exposure all at once.

Participate in Community-Wide Events  

Take a look at your community’s newest schedule of events and see where you can show up with your league. Does your city host a monthly “First Friday” event, where local artisans and entertainers participate in an all-evening festival? These events often have huge turnouts, making them a great place to take your league and give away some free stickers. Other ideas include:

  • Holiday shopping festivals
  • Summer “Movie in the Park” events
  • Street fairs and carnivals 

Sell Team Swag at the Farmer’s Market 

The local farmer’s market is another great place to build a community presence for your adult sports league. You can often rent a stand (which is typically affordable, depending on the community) and turn it into a great place for your team members to hang out and talk to the community about the league and its teams.

This is also an opportunity to hand out custom stickers and utilize your stand space to display brochures, team banners, and team merchandise for sale. Even if your team merchandise only consists of water bottles or baseballs with your team sticker on them, it still counts! 

Custom Stickers for Sports Leagues  

While football, baseball, and soccer are some of the most popular adult leagues out there, there are plenty of sports teams that can use sports stickers as a marketing aid. In fact, you can get custom sports stickers for any league, including bowling, rugby, water polo, and volleyball.

With a variety of color printing options available on the market, as well as many custom sizes and designs, you can make a sticker that shows off team pride for every kind of sport. Your league deserves for the community to know about it, so invest in some custom sports stickers and get your marketing strategy on the road today!


How to Use Custom Stickers to Organize Your Business

You know what a messy office looks like. Papers are strewn on desks, binders are stacked in piles, bookshelves are overloaded, and boxes are likely scattered on the floor. This is a recipe for dysfunction. A business simply cannot succeed with clutter. Productivity and efficiency go out the door.

If you want your business to be more efficient and profitable, organization is essential. Think of your office as the heart of your business. If it’s not healthy, your business isn’t either. Here are some creative tips and tricks on how to use custom stickers to organize your business. 

How to Use Custom Stickers to Organize Your Business

How Custom Stickers Help Organization  

There are many things you can use to organize your office space: filing cabinets, bins, binders, baskets, and even unused coffee mugs. But have you considered custom stickers? Here are some ways you can use custom stickers to help you organize your office:

  • Labeling: Use custom stickers on shelves, boxes, drawers, file cabinets, and folders. You can also use them to differentiate departments or functional areas of your business. Stickers help you find what you are looking for easier and faster.
  • Color Coding: Color-coding is an age-old system, but it works for a reason! It facilitates categorization and organization, especially if you have tons of documents, supplies, and other materials.
  • Organizing Projects: Stickers can also help keep projects organized. For example, if you have a hard copy of an operations manual available for team or staff members to refer to during daily operations, you can designate separate sections with color-coded and labeled custom stickers.
  • Incoming/ Outgoing Mail: Despite our digitally driven era, many customers and companies still use “snail mail” for correspondence. Mail can pile up, so use baskets with custom stickers for incoming and outgoing mail. This will prevent mail from getting lost.
  • Calendars: Stickers in your weekly planner can help keep tasks, projects, due dates and deadlines, appointments, and meetings clear as day. You can have custom stickers made for your own planner, a large calendar in your office, or even make them available for your team or staff.
  • Storing Inventory: If you manage or operate a brick-and-mortar retail store, then you might have inventory stored in a back room or storage facility. An inventory system is absolutely critical to any business—and custom stickers can help with this system.

You can use custom stickers on shelves and boxes to easily identify certain products. If you want to take your inventory system to the next level, you can use custom stickers with stock-keeping unit (SKU) bar codes for labeling and tracking inventory in-house and during fulfillment.

Where Can I Find Custom Stickers?  

Custom stickers come in a wide range of sizes, colors, and finishes, such as glossy, metallic, and dome. They are also printed with the latest cutting-edge technology to ensure the highest quality. The selection and design process is also incredibly easy:

  1. Choose the sticker type, size, and shape.
  2. Add text, an icon or image, or your business logo.
  3. Select the number of stickers you want.
  4. Enter your shipping information.
  5. Purchase your stickers.

Stickers International  

With different types of stickers available and numerous customization options, custom stickers by Stickers International is a quick, easy, and cost-effective solution to help your business stay organized. 

If you are still unsure about whether custom stickers are right for your business, contact one of our representatives today.